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About Me

Hi folks! Glad you found my site and I hope you find something interesting here to help you along with your sports, whether you’re into the full on ironman triathlon and other ultra-endurance events, or whether you just love swimming by itself, or cycling or running.

My name’s Neil and I’m a lifelong sports fan and participant. I would classify myself as a ‘try-athlete’ rather than a ‘triathlete’ mainly because my swimming is atrocious, and I am currently bikeless after wrecking my last bike in a crash with a car. So basically that leaves running, which is something I’ve returned to after a fairly long absence due to career commitments over the last decade or two.

So my background starts back in high school, where I got into athletics, soccer and men’s field hockey. My athletics events were 100 metres and 110 metres hurdles. In competition, I was seriously bad at the 100m and good to average at the hurdles, although our school only competed three times – I won twice and came second in the other race.

As I moved into my late teens I started running half-marathons, and ran three of them although I don’t have a clue what times I posted for them. I think at the time, all I wanted to do was finish the course, and I never did any training for them – just turned up and did them, and spent the following week walking backwards due to stiff legs!

I never raced on my bike – at least that’s what I always told my parents because I’d have got an earful otherwise; you know things about safety this, and danger that. But I spent a serious amount of time in the saddle, and rode in charity bicycle marathons followed by a nice bike ride as 26 miles was nowhere near enough.

At 18 I went to uni and moved into other sports-type events, mainly martial arts, which I pursued for the next 20 years, but I regretted giving up on the running and the cycling. Then I got a mountain bike (which I hated) but had a crash and destroyed it a few years ago.

Me sneaking a glance at the next pesky hill-climb during the Huddersfield 10K. (Photo Copyright FlamingPhotography.co.uk. Reproduced with permission.)

Last year, having reached the age of 40, I took up recreational running again, and haven’t looked back. It’s now something I absolutely love doing, and I’m looking forward to competing in loads of the competition and charity runs around the UK, and maybe even further afield if I get any good at it. So far this year, I have a couple of 10K runs and a half-marathon in my sights. I’ll report back here how I get on.

And I discovered a phenomenon last week called ‘parkrun’. Apparently, they don’t like it spelt ‘Park Run’ or even ‘Parkrun’. A bit picky, huh? But anyway, I love it! It’s a weekly timed 5K time trial run in local parks all over the UK, as well as Denmark and a couple of locations in Australia. I seriously encourage you to look it up (http://www.parkrun.org.uk) and if there’s one in your town, go and give it a try. I wrote a blog post about my first one here. It was great fun, and very sociable.

So that’s me. Hope you like my site. I’ll post times for my races etc here from time to time, hopefully to see (and demonstrate) my progress – and apparently, in my early 40s I’m classed as a ‘veteran’ according to parkrun. The cheek of it! Not even a ‘senior’; you’re past ‘senior’ and over the hill when you reach the decrepit age of 39!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy my site here at Triathonline. I’m always adding new stuff, so feel free to come back often.


Races, Results and Stats, Etc

parkrun Events 2014

None run.

parkrun Events 2013

None run in a year plagued with injuries.

parkrun Events 2012

Event # Date Position No. of Runners Time
46 2/4/2012 104 205 26:21
47 2/11/2012 80 190 25:58
48 2/18/2012 95 179 27:23
50 3/3/2012 117 276 25:40
51 3/10/2012 119 275 25:41
83 10/20/2012 113 263 26:14
84 10/27/2012 119 270 25:37

parkrun Events 2011

Event # Date Position No. of Runners Time
8 5/21/2011 35 108 27:31
9 5/28/2011 26 109 25:44
11 6/11/2011 40 122 25:33
13 6/25/2011 33 92 25:33
21 8/21/2011 49 105 27:14

Race Results 2014

Leeds Half Marathon

Date: May 11th, 2014
Position: 3703rd out of 5326
Time: 2:09:10 (PB)

Read my Leeds HM Review.

Pure Fitness Lindley 10K

Date: June 29th, 2014
Position: 88th out of 170
Time: 54:27

Read my Lindley 10K Review.

Race Results 2012

Huddersfield RR 10K

Date: February 26th, 2012
Position: 448th out of 511
Time: 1:05:20

Read my Huddersfield RR 10K Review.

RunForPounds Huddersfield 10K

Date: March 18th, 2012
Position: 81st out of 175
Time: 54:03 (PB)

Read my RFP Huddersfield 10K Review.

Sport Relief 6 Miler

Date: March 25th, 2012
Position: n/a
Time: 52:39

Read my Sport Relief 6 Miler Review.

Leeds Half Marathon

Date: May 13th, 2012
Position: 3427th out of 6000+
Time: 2:11:16

Read my Leeds Half Marathon Review.

Kirklees 10K Challenge

Date: May 26th, 2012
Position: 78th out of 138
Time: 57:56

Read my Kirklees 10K Review

Humber Bridge 10K

Date: June 17th, 2012
Position: 218 out of 347
Time: 54:40

Read my 2012 Humber Bridge 10K Review

Kirkstall Abbey 7 Miler

Date: September 23rd, 2012
Position: 171st out of 202
Time: 1:04:17

Read my KA7 Review

Leeds Abbey Dash 10K

Date: November 18th, 2012
Position: 4257 out of 9000
Time: 54:14

Read my Abbey Dash 10K Review

Race Results 2011

Humber Bridge 10K

Date: June 5th, 2011
Position: 259th out of 376
Time: 55:50

Read my Humber Bridge 10K Review.

Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10K

Date: June 19th, 2011
Position: 2830 out of 9000
Time: 58:19

Read my Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10K Review.

2012 Outings

  • Huddersfield 10K – big comeback race. Done!
  • Huddersfield FC 10K. Done!
  • Sports Relief 6 Miler. Done!
  • Wakefield Hospice 10K. AWOL.
  • Leeds Half-Marathon. Done!
  • Kirklees 10K Challenge. Done!
  • Otley 10 Mile Road Race. Midweek race. Didn’t do it.
  • Humber Bridge 10K. Done!
  • Yorkshire 7 Mile Road Challenge. Possible tendonitis in foot. Didn’t compete.
  • Eccup 10 Mile Race – injured.
  • Puma Pudsey 10K – injured.
  • Escrick 10K – injured.
  • Wolverhampton Half-Marathon – injured.
  • Kirkstall Abbey 7 Miler. Done!
  • Leeds Abbey Dash. Done!

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