Getting Involved In The Sport Relief Mile?

If you are in the UK, it probably can’t have slipped your attention that Sport Relief is almost upon us again. We’ve seen cricketer Freddie Flintoff attempt multiple obscure world records. We’ve seen Liverpool comedian John Bishop’s ‘Week of Hell’, cycling, rowing and running 290 miles in 5 days. And there are countless other people all doing their own thing to raise money for Sport Relief.

The one I am looking forward to is a mass participation running event, coming up next Sunday called the Sport Relief Mile. There are going to be Mile Events all over the UK next weekend, and so there should be one near you, and these are great fun to take part in. If you are interested, you can just click on the “Enter Now” button and find your nearest one, and get ready to run!

I found myself signing up to do the 6-miler, but I think different venues had 1 mile and 3 mile versions you could do instead, if you don’t have the stamina to take on the Mighty Six. All the details were on the Sport Relief Mile website, where you could enter your postcode and get all the details, such as place and time.

Where Does The Money Go?

The money raised from this event will go to underprivileged people struggling for survival in poorer countries, as well as those in the UK.

I think it’s definitely worthwhile, which is why I’m going to running. And maybe I’ll even spend a few quid getting some of those red Sport Relief socks and a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion!

I hope you’ll get involved in some way, especially if it means going out and having a little run with masses of other people. There really is nothing better than that primal feeling of running as part of a pack! See ya there.

Running The Sport Relief Mile

Here’s my update now I have actually finished the Sport Relief Mile – or six mile in my case! After all the promises in the media about having a day hotter than the Sahara, I woke up to a gray and foggy morning. I was hopeful that the weather would warm up later, so I trotted to the venue without cold or rain gear; just my compression top and regular running shirt, etc. Oh and my Sport Relief socks – can’t forget those!

At the check-in desk, I got my race number and finally found out what the route was going to be. After spending most of the week trying to find out on the internet unsuccessfully. As it turned out, it was the old parkrun route, where each lap is roughly a mile long, so six laps was pretty much the aim of the game.

I think there was about 50 of us doing the 6-miler. All the other races were staggered, so we started at 10am. Then the 3-miler was at 11am, followed by a series of 1-mile runs. As us lot – the fearless fifty – got into our stride doing the 6-miler, the fog did finally burn away, and left us in glorious sunshine. That wasn’t a great help as the pace was quite high, and the old parkrun route had a long uphill stretch running the entire length of the park. I couldn’t quite believe I’d got myself into doing that hill six times.

As it turned out, I eventually ended up on the shoulders of a couple of runners who were going at a nice pace, so I settled there for the duration, and came home in an unexpectedly nice time of 52:39. Not bad at all considering I initially planned to go out for a fun jaunt, and did in fact stop three or four times to chat to other runners who were struggling. At the finishing line we were greeted by Huddersfield Giants cheerleaders, cheering us on, which was nice. In fact, the support all the way round was pretty amazing. So a big thanks to everyone who turned up to take part and those who came to support all the runners. I think a great day was had by all, and that lots of money got raised for Sport Relief. Here are some pics and a write up of the event from the local newspaper, the Examiner.

For me, it’s back to the training program now, as I aim to get my mileage up for a half marathon in May! I hope you’ll wish me luck with it.


Neil (nickname Ironman) is an avid runner and sports fan, who writes about all things triathlon-related, especially running and cycling. He also writes about sports injuries and regaining fitness – mainly from personal experience rather than academic knowledge – although he does study that too!

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