Leeds HM Training Diary – Week 3


Week 3 of my Lucozade 12-Week Training Plan was a fairly uneventful affair, so this blog post will probably be a short one. The story of this week (and next) was the continuation of building up base fitness, and just getting used to being on my feet for extended periods of time. As is always the case in the UK, the weather was the most exciting thing I had to contend with, with the first session being a reasonably mild weather run, and things going downhill with the beginning of a cold snap for run 2 and the long slow run (LSR) saw me fighting against driving wind and rain for the most part. Let’s break it down, session by session.

Week 3 Session 1

The folks at Lucozade prescribed a 40 minute Easy run for sesh one, and for me this was the nicest day of the week. I was back in Pennines this week, after my travelling exploits to Shropshire during last week’s training. The weather was a little chilly but generally fair. I got outside and followed my nose, without a pre-planned route in mind – I don’t do it like this very often. Usually I like to plan my routes and work out distances, but since the prescription was based on time rather than mileage, it was nice to get out there and put one foot in front of the other fairly randomly.

I ended up running for 40:27 and did 3.8 miles (6.1 km).

Week 3 Session 2

Okay, so it slightly nippy on Tuesday. This Thursday run was positively frigid, and it was back to two running tops over the compression layer instead of just the one. Thankfully, the masterplan called for a 30 minute jaunt this time, which allowed me to get out, tap out a nice steady rhythm, and then get back home again and into the warm!

The run went without any problems and lasted for 32:59 by the time I managed to get back, with another 3.4 miles (5.5 km) added to my training tally.

Week 3 Session 3

A changeable day weather-wise, with wind blowing rain clouds over – or what the TV weather forecasters call “sunshine and showers”. Unfortunately, all I got while out was the showers. So this was the day of the long run, 55 minutes this week. This was also the longest run of the plan so far, and would allow me to judge general fitness and speed – even though it was meant to be an easy run – because 55 minutes is roughly my 10K personal best time.

As it happened, I managed to run for 59:07 and added 9.55 km (or 5.93 miles) to my legs. Not bad, considering it was an easy run, and I wasn’t filled with the adrenaline I have during races, and fighting against the elements in the wind and rain. I think the plan so far is quite promising, although I do definitely need to do some more speedwork.

On the body analysis front, I keep forgetting to weigh myself first thing in the morning before drinking loads of water and eating. So I can’t work out a reasonable BMI to give you an update, but I do know my water bottle running belt is bouncing around now, so I have lost a few inches off my waist since I started this training regimen. At some point I’ll remember to do a weigh in to give a comparison against what I weighed prior to this.

Next week, it’s more endurance work, still at the 55 minute LSR levels, and the week after that, it’ll be time for another batch of interval training. Until then…


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