Leeds HM Training Report – Week 1


In my last post in this series I wrote about my plans to train using the Lucozade 12 Week Training Plan for my Leeds Half Marathon this year. I also gave some brief details of my first run on the plan, together with some weight and BMI information. So my plan for this blog is to give a blow-by-blow account of the training schedule and my progress on the path to half marathon, both in terms of my fitness and my body composition. On that basis, it probably makes more sense to do this on a weekly basis rather than a session basis. Here’s Week 1.

Week 1 Session 1

I already gave a quick breakdown in the last blog post about this, but here it is summarised again:

Easy running for 30 minutes was the plan, and I ended up out for 35:38 at a very easy pace, covering a distance of 3.3 miles (5.25 km). No pains, no strains, but hopefully plenty of gains as my body and muscles began to get used to the exercise again after a longer than usual winter break.

Week 1 Session 2

This second training sesh was all about getting used to bursts of speed and sustaining effort at a higher pace. As it was Week 1, I was fairly blase about it and didn’t measure the distance of the speed burst, just vaguely timed it.

The plan said: 5 mins Easy, 3 mins Brisk, 3 mins Easy or Walk, 5 mins Easy.

I did 5 mins of Easy running to warm up, followed by a Brisk section for just under 3 mins (too brisk to keep the pace possibly, so I’ll need to reel that back in a bit next time). Then I did the 3 mins of Easy recovery at jogging pace, followed by a cooldown Easy run for a further 11 mins – well, I had to get home! That’s why I couldn’t resist adding a bit longer to the run. The distance was 2.3 miles (3.5km) and it took 22:39 on the clock.

Week 1 Session 3

Back to Easy running in the continuation of stamina-building exercise. This time I had to extend the running time to 40 mins. Fine, I thought. Just run within the local park. But of course, it’s still February and they lock the gates at 6pm. So I ended up plodding the streets with 2 laps around the outside perimeter of the park, followed by a little bit of uphill running to try and keep the run going for 40 minutes.

So the plan said Easy Running for 40 mins, and I managed a 39:28 run with a distance of 3.6 miles (5.8km).

Weights And Measures

Fairly pleasing on the weighing scale after Week 1, as I had gone from an initial weight of 14 stones (196lbs) down to 13 st 8lbs (or 190lbs) – a nice little weekly loss of 6 pounds. That leaves me with a BMI of 29.76 according to the NHS BMI Calculator. In other words, the higher end of overweight rather than the lower end of obese! Those pesky big bones again; that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Week 2 will be more of the same kinds of session, but extending the running times further. More next week!


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