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If you do a significant amount of cycling – whether for fun and leisure, or for racing in triathlons or straight cycle races – one of the most indispensable accessories you can buy is a decent pair of cycling glasses. They are not just for show, or a sign you are a keen follower of fashion either; in many cases, a huge amount of technology has gone into them, so they can assist riders to perform at their best. There are practical reasons for wearing them which involve safety as well as gaining a competitive edge over your rivals. One particular line in stylish and functional cycling glasses are the Bolle Vigilante sunglasses.

Bolle cycling glasses tend to get great reviews from the majority of people who invest in a pair, and the Vigilante range is no exception. In fact, Bolle Vigilante are not cycling specific, but instead can be used as sports sunglasses for a variety of pursuits, including golf, tennis, skiing and snowboarding, or mountain biking. The main features which make these shades an asset to any active sports enthusiast are, first, their strength, and secondly their specially designed lens shape, made to wrap around your face and prevent the wind from blowing across your eyes and drying them out.

Vigilante is made from super lightweight – yet very tough – resin, which makes it highly resistant to impacts, which is just what the doctor ordered if you are hurtling down a mountain side on your bike. The last thing you need is for a bug to get you right in the eye while you are concentrating on high speed and maximum safety for your descent. Another “must have” safety feature for any cycle glasses is UV protection. Bolle have that built into these shades, which feature UVA and UVB protection for when you are in the saddle for hours at a time in sunny weather.

One of the great features about the Bolle Vigilante sunglasses range is the attention to detail when designing lenses for every eventuality. They curve around the face to shelter your eyes from side drafts, though some cyclists prefer a more snug fit than you get with these. However, like most professional brands, Bolle boasts a versatile interchangeable lens system, which they call the Optics Control System. If you buy the Bolle Performance Vigilante Sunglasses (Matte Black/G-Standard PLUS (EagleVision 2 Dark in frame + EagleVision 2 + TNS 20)) available from Amazon at a surprisingly cheap price, you get the benefits of owning three pairs of sunglasses. This offer includes two extra pairs of colored lenses with the third already fitted in the frames. All the lenses are high quality and have polarizing filters, with one pair of lightly shaded lense for driving or cycling in normal or dull conditions. The second pair is brown and is good for reducing glare, while the third pair is gray and is great for seriously bright, afternoon riding.

One of the main gripes about these glasses is the initial difficulty many people have with exchanging the lenses. Usually, after figuring it out the first time, it is a cinch afterwards, but you sometimes feel like you need to be a little rough with them to get the current lenses out of the frame. Practise makes perfect!

The sizes for the Bolle Vigilante sunglasses are medium and large, so if you have only managed to find shades in the past which left dents in the sides of your head, these might just be your salvation. Comfortable even on the largest of heads!

If you are shortsighted, this model also has the capacity to fit an Rx insert, which clips onto the frame behind the shaded lenses; you need to buy the clip on insert separately, and take it to your optician to get your own strength of prescription lenses made to measure.

There are other colored lenses available also, each to suit different lighting conditions, and Bolle have produced Vigilantes with lens colors specifically designed and optimized for tennis and golf, so you can get the best possible contrast when playing your chosen sport.

On the whole, Bolle Vigilante glasses tick all the boxes, with high strength and a popular style, light weight and a variety of exchangeable lenses. The main quibble especially for people buying their first pair is the initial difficulty swapping over the lenses, although this is a trivial matter after the first couple of goes. Overall, they score a fantastic 8 out of 10, dropping an extra point as some cyclists feel they need more side protection and a closer fit.

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