An Overview of the New Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS-Enabled Running Watch

The new Garmin Forerunner 10 sports watch was announced this week.  It is a GPS-enabled sports and running watch that is intended to be Garmin’s entry level model.  The price point is cheaper than the rest of their Forerunner range, with the FR10 being billed as an easy to use and flexible wrist watch designed for runners, walkers and joggers. It comes loaded with easily accessible features that will not only improve your running experience but will keep you motivated.

Looks and Feels Like a Standard Digital Watch

The Garmin FR10 wristwatch is comfortable and feels just like a regular wrist watch.  It comes with a 55 x 27 pixel screen which lets you view the information displayed on the screen clearly.  Display information includes pace, distance, and calories burned whilst running.

The Forerunner 10 is water proof to a depth of 50 meters and it has a shock resistant feature to withstand any bumps and scrapes that might happen during usage.  There are three different colors that you can choose from: black, pink and green – all of which have the same display where the data is shown in large bold numbers. You can easily customize any of the settings with a single touch of a button and also access the different features using your forefinger and thumb whilst running.

Shows Distance, Speed, and Calories Burned

The screen on the Garmin Forerunner 10 can also be customized to only show what you want.  For example, distance covered and the calories burned rather than time measurements. This new training companion only weighs 43 grams meaning it will not hinder you as you run or walk, and it also comes with automatic features such as auto pause, auto resume and auto Lap.

It also comes with a friendly feature that beeps you every time you complete a certain milestone as it notifies you if you have achieved a personal record. You can access simple training tools like the virtual pacer which compares your current pace with the targeted pace and help you achieve it. The fact that you can enter in a personal profile means you can analyze your progress and achievement over a period of time.

Save, Analyze, and Share Your Running Data Online

The Forerunner 10 will store up to 7 workouts in the history which you can save, analyze and share with friends and family using the Garmin Connect website. You will get a rechargeable lithium-ion battery included which will give you power for up to 5 hours when in training mode and over 5 weeks in power save mode. The battery needs to be charged using a USB cable connected to a PC – which is also the way in which you transfer your workout history to the computer. Once you connect to your PC it’s possible to see the map of your run in greater details using the Garmin Connect functionality.

Conclusion on the Garmin Forerunner 10

The Forerunner has gained a lot of popularity because of the precise and accurate reading it provides, and the new FR10 model will compliment that notoriety in the running world.  Overall it is set to battle the cheap Nike+ sports watch that was developed in partnership with TomTom.  To date, Garmin sports watches have tended to be higher end, and higher priced models – the Garmin Forerunner 10 is set to change that.

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