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Whether you are competing in triathlons or just prefer the running – for fun or for other sports activities – your most important piece of kit is your running shoes. It is imperative that you know which shoes to buy, because wearing the wrong type can be a contributing factor if you are continually getting injured, or have unexplained pains. These pains can appear in your leg joints, particularly the knees but also the ankles, and badly chosen running shoes can even wreak havoc with your lower back, not to mention the fairly obvious foot pain you might experience. So if you are looking for your first pair of proper running shoes, go to a reputable store that caters primarily to runners, and get a gait analysis done. You will either be a neutral runner, an overpronator (with flat feet which roll inwards when running), or a supinator (high arches and your feet roll outwards when you run).

The Saucony Progrid Ride 2 running shoe is designed for neutral runners, but has tons of cushioning and has received favorable reviews from runners whose feet roll outwards, or supinate. Although they have plenty of shock absorbing ability, they are fairly pared down inside the shoe, which means they might not stabilize an overpronator’s feet enough; there is no built in arch support, but if you already use orthotic inserts, these Saucony running shoes will probably be ideal.

Despite being designed for neutral gaits, the shoes are flexible and lightweight, which is why runners who supinate also find them excellent and really comfortable for long sessions. Saucony Ride 2 shoes are packed with technology, which smooths out your run while still encouraging you to hone your running form. They use the ProGrid and Respon-Tek advances to provide superior cushioning to dissipate shock and absorb footfall impacts. And they also feature an Impulse EVA midsole to further enhance comfort on those long road slogs. The uppers are stylish and lightweight too, made of strong mesh – which in the case of my original Ride 1 running shoes outlived the blown rubber sole. Moisture wicking sock liners are incorporated as standard together with anti-microbial Ortholite to guarantee the most comfortable and cool running you could ever dream of.

Some of the highlights with the women’s Saucony Ride 2 trainers are the superb cushioning and the slightly wider fit compared to other brands. This is great if you have slightly wider feet and want a really cosy pair of jogging shoes that doesn’t pinch or strangle your feet, or otherwise interfere with your enjoyment while out running. Almost without exception, the reviews of the ladies Saucony Ride 2 are glowing. Actually, the reviews on Amazon are pretty positive all round for the ladies and the men’s versions.

There is a slight blemish with the Ride 2 shoes that didn’t appear to be the case with the previous Ride edition, and this has been picked up certainly by one reviewer on Amazon, who claims the shoes feel a bit “cloppy” to use his word. I noticed this myself having worn the original Ride last year, and now a few months into my Ride 2 pair. They feel slightly firmer as your feet hit the ground, slightly less bouncy than the originals, but overall they are a great pair of running shoes, and the cushioning technology ensures there are no adverse shocks to your joints when you run. All in all a very smooth ride, and they are especially good as the brand is very reasonably priced compared to others such as Asics for example.

Buy Men’s Saucony Ride 2 from Amazon Buy Women’s Saucony Ride 2 from Amazon

To bypass the Ride 2 running shoes and opt for the new and improved incarnation, follow the links

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For a pair of cheap Saucony Ride 2 shoes, you have to check out Amazon, as well as the ads in some of the major running magazines. There are usually some fantastic discounts to be had on these, and it’s my intention to stock up with a couple of extra pairs, to cover my running for the next couple of years!

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