Best Timex Heart Rate Monitor Devices For Men And Women

Timex offers a terrific line of heart rate monitors for active individuals and athletes. A Timex heart rate monitor is ideal for joggers and sports enthusiasts. Men and women can use the device to track their performance while working out at the gym, running laps or jogging and cycling outdoors. For optimizing your progress in your triathlon training, monitoring your body data is essential.

Heart Rate Monitors for Men

Men searching for a quality Timex product at an affordable price should consider purchasing the Ironman Road Trainer Watch for men. The device has received dozens of positive reviews from satisfied customers and is available fairly cheaply from Amazon. This model offers a variety of impressive features including a digital monitor and heart rate sensor, 50-lap memory, 100-hour chronograph and countdown programs, and is water resistant to 100 meters.

Serious athletes who are willing to spend a bit more money on a Timex heart rate monitor should find out more about the Ironman Race Trainer T5K217. Priced at under $100 (at time of writing), this device is designed to provide accurate results and includes many fantastic features. It offers digital transmission, workout memory, multiple alarms and a recovery heart rate timer. It even lets the user know how many calories they burned and how much time they spent in their target heart rate zone. The Timex Ironman is water resistant up to 100 meters and has a convenient night-mode feature for evening workouts. The Ironman Race Trainer is considered to be one of the best heart rate monitor devices on the market.

Timex Models for Women

There are a few different Timex heart monitors designed specifically for women. One of the most popular Timex models for women is the Ironman Triathlon 50-Lap Watch. The women’s Timex Ironman is a feminine periwinkle blue color and has built-in setting reminders, an activity timer, training log, night mode technology and much more. Its slim design is comfortable and attractive. The sleek ladies watch is available very inexpensively on Amazon.

Unisex Timex Sports Watches

Men and women who are searching for an inexpensive heart rate monitor should consider purchasing a Timex Unisex Sports Watch with personal heart rate monitor. The unisex watch is stylish and also has a low price tag. This affordable heart monitor has many features including a comfortable chest strap, target heart rate zone alarms, and a recovery timer. The heart rate monitor displays activity time as well as minimum, average and peak heart rate data. The device lights up at night making it the perfect choice for evening runs. The watch is water resistant and although it is not designed for underwater use it is splash resistant and can withstand rainy weather.

Anyone who chooses a Timex heart rate monitor device can be sure he or she is getting an excellent product. Timex has been producing quality wristwatches for decades and the reliable brand is a favorite among consumers. Thrifty shoppers can save money by purchasing a Timex online. For a wider range of heart rate monitors, from Timex and others including Garmin, Omron and Polar, Click Here.


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