The Difference Between Waterproof and Water Resistant Headphones – Maximize Your Training Enjoyment

It’s a proven fact that working out or training while listening to music decreases the amount of effort you perceive to be exerting. So, the next time you hop in the pool for a quick lap session you’ll want to be sure to take your tunes with you.

The problem is there are so many headphone and MP3 manufacturers touting their devices as waterproof or water resistant that it’s hard to know which one to choose. In addition, half the time people purchase these devices they only end up complaining that after five minutes in the water their ear buds stopped working. Part of the solution to the problem is becoming aware of the difference between waterproof and water resistant and how that applies to your listening devices.

Water Resistant Headphones.  In all likelihood, if you’re looking to include swimming in your training regime then you don’t want water resistant headphones. Essentially, water resistant is the same as sweat resistant and you’re going to need a lot more than just sweat resistant headphones in the pool.

Waterproof Headphones.  This is what you need to look for on your potential new listening device prior to purchasing. Waterproof means that there are additional protections in place to prevent the ear bud armature from being penetrated by water. However, keep in mind that even waterproof headphones aren’t 100% waterproof. What does that mean? Most times, manufacturers will include a little blurb on the specifications that declares a depth and time that you can’t exceed, along the lines of something like, “Can be used in water up to 5 feet deep and for up to 3 hours.”

Two Waterproof Headphones That Work

Now that you know the difference, the next decision is choosing a pair of headphones.  Keep in mind that there are entire MP3 devices that are waterproof, but we often find that most people would rather purchase a waterproof case for their iPod, and waterproof headphones, than have to deal with an entirely different device.

H2O Audio Surge.  H2O Audio is the leading manufacturer of waterproof headphones, period. This is where you want to start your search. They have several very affordable products, but the Surge 2G is by far their most popular. The one added benefit you get with an H2O Audio product is the assurance that you’re receiving a quality pair of headphones from a manufacturer that has been developing swimming headphones for years.

Monster iSport Immersion.  Monster, a renowned audio manufacturer, recently entered the sports headphones market with their Monster iSport Immersion Headphones. While these headphones are close to $150, they are money well spent. Not only do they sport a tangleproof cord, an amazing sound, and a new ear fin technology, but they are also waterproof up to several feet, which is perfect if you’re just looking to use your headphones for a few laps in the pool. In addition, when you get out of the pool they are literally the best sports earphones on the market.

If you want to find some more information or check out additional waterproof headphones or sports headphones in general, then make sure to check out Workout Headphones.

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