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Trail running shoes are a popular trend for fitness-minded individuals who want to get into great shape for spring and summer. Trail running as a sport has really taken off and it is expected to become even more popular this year. After having spent an entire winter cooped up in the gym, fitness buffs everywhere want to get outside. Trekking trails call for the best trail running shoes you can find. This is not a time when you want to scrimp on quality.

When choosing the best running shoe you want to focus on the features that are going to protect your foot. Cushioning and support are vital. When running across uneven surfaces in weather of all sorts you want your foot and ankle to be completely protected. The last thing you want is a turned ankle when you are out in the middle of nowhere on a run. With strong ankle support, your foot placement is sure to be stronger. You want your footwear to cushion the blow each time you strike the trail.

Another important feature to watch out for is tread. As your running surface changes frequently when trail running, you want a tread pattern that adapts well to uneven surfaces. You never know when you will be running on grass one moment and then maneuvering over tree roots the next. A quality trail running shoe not only protects your foot upon impact but it also helps you to navigate the constantly changing terrain. For added protection against stones or other moderately sharp objects in the ground, opt for shoes such as the Brooks Cascadia 5 trail running shoe, which features a “ballistic rock shield” to disperse pressure and help to prevent injury.

When shopping for great trail shoes another feature to pay attention to is moisture wicking ability. Keep your eyes open for things like core liners and absorption layers. You want a shoe that helps to pull the moisture from your foot to the outer layer of the shoe to aid in the evaporation of moisture. A wet and soggy foot can develop blisters in no time. You do not want to be outside on a long trail run and develop blisters half way through your run. Another item that will assist with the evaporation factor is moisture wicking socks. Between the combination of a great sock and a great trail runner, you should be in for a comfortable yet robust run.

By watching out for the basics of a quality trail shoe you can ensure that all of your trails are happy ones. After all, that is what healthy outdoor runs are all about.


Neil (nickname Ironman) is an avid runner and sports fan, who writes about all things triathlon-related, especially running and cycling. He also writes about sports injuries and regaining fitness - mainly from personal experience rather than academic knowledge - although he does study that too!

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