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Running is an excellent way to maintain health. It is also an enjoyable workout that allows people to unwind after a long and hectic day. Having the right gear is important as it will keep a runner comfortable throughout their route. While most people put a lot of effort into finding the best running shoes, few think about running jackets. This is much more than fancy apparel. The right jacket will add comfort and convenience to a run, allowing it to last longer and for the runner to get more out of it.

There are many options when it comes to running jackets. Choosing the right one will depend on personal preferences and specific running conditions. Generally, a decent running jacket should be of a lightweight material that is breathable. This will allow the runner to cool off as he or she is running. Some insulation is required to fend off chills, especially in cooler climates. The cut of the jacket should allow for a full range of motion. Runners not only need to feel free to move their arms during a stride, they also may wish to stop and stretch.

Aside from general necessities, there are many other options that runners will enjoy taking advantage of. Some jackets have additional venting. Sometimes these are intricately placed and are not noticeable. Other designs will have actual slots along the sides and back. Convertible jackets are another option. This is when the sleeves can unsnap, instantly creating a sleeveless top. Another convenient design option involves the pockets. A good design will have plenty of pockets, but will still maintain a sleek cut. Runners need to carry keys, their cell phone, wallet, and even a portable music player. Carrying these items can be cumbersome without the right pockets.

Runners are willing to train outdoors despite cold or even wet weather conditions. Waterproof running jackets are a necessity for serious runners. These are treated to allow water to bead off the fabric. It will not be absorbed and turn into added weight. These do not only need to be worn when rain is expected. Many runners use them regularly. This adds to comfort even if one is caught unexpectedly in a rainstorm.

If possible, always try on a running jacket before purchasing it. If buying online, check the return policy to be sure it can be returned should it be unsatisfactory. Finding a design with the right features for your individual situation is important. It will make the run even more enjoyable.


Neil (nickname Ironman) is an avid runner and sports fan, who writes about all things triathlon-related, especially running and cycling. He also writes about sports injuries and regaining fitness - mainly from personal experience rather than academic knowledge - although he does study that too!

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