Do Compression Socks Really Do More Than Just Warm Your Shins?

When it comes to winter running, it certainly pays to wrap up fairly warm to remain comfortable, otherwise it becomes very easy to give up and take a break until spring. And when you are considering what to wear on your legs, recent research has suggested that a pair of compression socks might be great for keeping your shins nice and toasty, but that they are fairly useless for anything else. This should be quite a shock for a number of runners, as sports compression socks have been hailed as our savior from shin splints, muscular fatigue and even calf injury. I can vouch for the relative ineffectiveness of compression calf guards on a personal basis, having worn them in the run up to a calf injury that left me sidelined since August this year. And I also have the personal accounts of others for whom the compression sock was the enemy of injury-free running. So, what is the reality and what is the advice now?

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