Why Physio Room Treatment Is Essential For Running Injuries

Once you get past the initial muscular aches and pains when you first start a running program, it is all too easy for running to be become an essential and almost addictive part of your life. Combine that with the rush when you first get involved in organized races, and it is all too easy to want to squeeze just one more session out of yourself. Or to just push through that extra mile in training to see how far you can go. All very reasonable, you may think. And it is also very common, seeing runners push their limits without a care in the world. Unfortunately, that is why roughly 50% of all runners get injured at least once every year. I’m as guilty as the next man – or woman. So I have just begun a series of physiotherapy – sometimes called physical therapy – in order to address a couple of running injuries, one in each leg. I cannot help but think if I had caved in sooner and gone to the physio room earlier, I’d have avoided about 18 weeks off.

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