The Triathlon Cycling Shoes Difference

If you plan to participate in a triathlon, you’re going to want special triathlon cycling shoes to give you the edge when it comes to the biking portion of the race. These shoes are different than typical cycling shoes at least in the way that they connect to the pedals and strap onto your feet. Most people who bike will put their cycling shoes on before they get onto their bikes and then attach them to the pedals once they mount the bike. But triathlon cycling shoes work best if you have them already attached to your bike pedals then put them on after you mount the bicycle.

The Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Naturally, the best Triathlon Shoes are going to be the ones that work best for you. But you can learn from the experience of the many who’ve gone before in triathlons by following their tips and tricks. For instance, not wearing socks can make a difference in the time it takes you to go from the swimming portion to the biking portion. By choosing triathlon cycle shoes that are heavily padded, you can avoid having to put socks on before you get on your bike, and if you choose the right shoes you can avoid even having to dry your feet because they’ll be designed to allow the water to drain away.

Compare that to the time it takes to dry your feet and put socks on in order to start the next part of the race. While donning socks might seem like something that doesn’t take very long at all, every second counts when it comes to this type of race.

From Casual Biking to Triathlon Cycle Shoes

If the idea of wearing shoes that are clipped to the pedals makes you uncomfortable, consider the benefit you receive from this type of setup. When you’re riding a bicycle, the only thing moving the pedals is the momentum of the bike and one foot at a time pushing down on a pedal. If your feet are clipped to the pedals as they are when you’re wearing a triathlon cycling shoe, you also get extra movement and momentum when your foot lifts up because it pulls the pedal with it.

Using this type of clip-on shoe just gives you an extra advantage. Other racers will have these shoes so not using them almost guarantees that you will be behind. And while many cyclists’ shoes that clip on have two or three straps because they’ll put the shoes on before getting on the bike, triathlon cycling shoes will typically only have one or two to make the whole process faster.

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